Our Team

Our team of engineers and technicians/technologists bring to each project innovative ideas and a wealth of experience.

Saint John Office

Ross Whitcomb, P.Eng., Senior Engineer, President
Ross is the President, co-founder and Senior Engineer of Conquest Engineering Ltd.  Ross has attained extensive experience throughout his 35 year career in the fields of concrete technology, geotechnical engineering, blast vibration monitoring and blasting damage claim investigations and assessments. Ross has been the Senior Project Director providing leadership and technical expertise on a vast number of condition assessments of concrete structures and geotechnical engineering projects across the Atlantic region throughout his career.
Email: rwhitcomb@conquest-eng.com | Cell: (506) 650-9250

Robert Cyr, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Vice-President
Robert is the Vice-President, co-founder and Senior Engineer of Conquest Engineering Ltd.  Robert has been involved in geotechnical engineering since 1995.  Robert has provided his geotechnical expertise including blast vibration monitoring and blasting damage claim investigations to numerous civil construction projects in Atlantic Canada throughout his career.  Internationally, he provided quality control over the earthworks and geotechnical monitoring of a mine tailings dam project in Tunisia, Africa.  Robert has co-authored numerous geotechnical publications.
Email: rcyr@conquest-eng.com | Cell: (506) 650-9251

Chris Carr, P.Eng., Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Chris is a Company Principal registered in the Provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador practicing geotechnical engineering from 1990 to present. Chris provides leadership in: client relationships; business development; business practices; and technical engineering. He has management and technical project experience in Western Canada, Atlantic Canada, and various projects along the eastern seaboard of the United States (from Florida to Maine) dealing with a wide array of earthwork and foundation problems for on-shore and off-shore works.
Email: ccarr@conquest-eng.com | Cell: (506) 645-8027

Kris LeClair, P.Eng., Geotechnical Engineer
Kris has been practicing geotechnical engineering and project management since 2004.  His experiences include management and execution of various geotechnical programs (on and off-shore), as well as construction management (including the implementation of health, safety, and quality control/assurance programs) in both large and small scale projects across Atlantic Canada. 
Email: kleclair@conquest-eng.com | Cell: (506) 650-9254

Alex Calvin, P.Eng., Geotechnical Engineer
Alex is a registered engineer in the Provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, practicing geotechnical engineering at Conquest Engineering from 2006 to present. He has conducted numerous geotechnical investigations (on-shore and off-shore) and provided design recommendations for shallow and deep foundations, slope stabilization, and pavement structure design. He specializes in deep foundations design and construction including: pile design, drivability analysis, dynamic pile load testing (PDA), and quality control of rock-socketed pile installation.  
Email: acalvin@conquest-eng.com | Cell: (506) 608-1185

J.T. Nugent, P.Eng., Materials Engineer
J.T. has 6 years of experience in civil materials engineering. His knowledge base is primarily in asphalt and concrete technologies. J.T. has experience with mix design, laboratory testing, and field placement inspection of asphalt concrete, as well as experience performing pavement condition surveys. He has significant experience assessing the condition of existing concrete structures and recommending repair strategies and techniques, as well as developing repair specifications. In addition to his knowledge of existing concrete structure repair, J.T. possesses a thorough understanding of new concrete construction practices and standard laboratory concrete materials testing. 
Email: jnugent@conquest-eng.com | Cell: (506) 608-1166

Cameron Whitcomb, B.Sc. Eng., Geotechnical Engineer
Cameron has 4 years of experience in construction materials testing and geotechnical investigations in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Cameron has experience in providing construction QA/QC related to compaction of engineered fills, testing services of Portland cement concrete, and sampling and testing asphaltic concrete. He has experience inspecting concrete for conduit, rebar, and voids using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). His field geotechnical experience includes the implementation and supervision of boreholes and test pit programs for deep and shallow investigations.
Email: cwhitcomb@conquest-eng.com | Cell: (506) 609-0441

Troy O'Brien, P.Tech., Senior Engineering Technologist
Troy has over 20 years of experience providing construction QA/QC services on a wide variety of construction projects of varying magnitude. His deep knowledge and extensive experience includes reinforcing steel inspection, QA/QC sampling, inspection, and testing of backfill materials, concrete, grout and mortar, and asphalt concrete. Troy also has experience performing field geotechnical investigations and monitoring pile driving.
Email: tobrien@conquest-eng.com | Cell: (506) 650-9253

Justin Chappel, Laboratory and Field Technician
Justin has 5 years of experience in both field and laboratory concrete testing services, reinforcing steel inspection, grout and mortar testing, and temperature monitoring for mass concrete elements for winter construction activities. In addition, he has experience in performing blast vibration monitoring, pile monitoring, and basic geotechnical field work.
Email: jchappel@conquest-eng.com | Cell: (506) 608-4765

Rosa Vautour, Accounts Manager
Rosa has worked with Conquest Engineering for 10 years as Accounts Manager, responsible for both account payables and receivables for all four offices.
Email: rvautour@conquest-eng.com | Office: (506) 635-7565

Stacy Byers, Administrative Assistant
Stacy supports the geotechnical team with administrative tasks and is the first point of contact for our clients in New Brunswick.
Email: sbyers@conquest-eng.com | Office: (506) 635-7565

Moncton Office

Joey Paulin, P.Eng., Junior Geotechnical Engineer
Joey has over 5 years of experience in materials testing, inspection and geotechnical investigations.  Joey’s experience in materials testing includes concrete, soils, and asphalt testing. He has supervised numerous geotechnical investigations by test pit and borehole sampling. 
Email: jpaulin@conquest-eng.com | Cell: (506) 229-3672

Charline Arsenault, Geotechnical Technologist
Charline has over 7 years of experience in materials testing inspection and geotechnical investigations. Charline has been involved in many projects throughout Southern NB and Manitoba.  Her materials testing experience includes field and laboratory testing and inspection of asphalt, concrete, masonry mortar, grout, soils compaction, aggregate sampling and testing, and surveying.  Charline has supervised several field geotechnical investigation by borehole sampling.
Email: carsenault@conquest-eng.com | Cell: (506) 227-2638

Fredericton Office

Jessica Fredericks, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Ms. Fredericks is a geotechnical engineer with 10 years of experience in geotechnical engineering and 3 years of experience in applied geophysics.  She has worked on and managed a variety of geotechnical engineering projects involving embankment and foundation design, rock slope stabilization, dynamic (PDA) load testing and analysis, slope stability, landslide assessment, site investigation and construction inspection throughout New Brunswick, Ontario and British Columbia. 
Email: jfredericks@conquest-eng.com | Cell: (506) 260-6694

Tim Shea, C.Tech., Senior Geotechnical Technician
Tim has 20 years of experience sampling and testing materials such as backfill materials, concrete, asphalt, masonry products, and grout. In addition, Tim has provided numerous inspection services on building construction, industrial and road construction projects within Eastern Canada.
Email: tshea@conquest-eng.com | Cell: (506) 260-1257

Halifax Office

R. Bruce MacNeil, P.Eng., Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Regional Manager
Bruce has over 25 years of geotechnical engineering experience in Atlantic Canada, conducting geotechnical investigations, geotechnical design for retaining walls, erosion and drainage plans, and supervised hundreds of engineering inspection and materials testing programs during construction. Bruce has also worked on numerous environmental assessment and remediation projects.
Email: bmacneil@conquest-eng.com | Cell: (902) 789-6047

Devan McKenney, P.Eng., Geotechnical Engineer
Devan has over 4 years of experience in geotechnical engineering. He has been involved in geotechnical and materials projects in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Devan has participated in a variety of geotechnical work including field investigations, inspections (quality control), and laboratory testing.
Email: dmckenney@conquest-eng.com | Cell: (902) 789-6046

Scott Aldous, Senior Geotechnical Technician
Scott has over 20 years of combined geotechnical engineering and materials testing experience having worked in both Nova Scotia and Alberta. His experience includes logging test pits, boreholes, site investigations, pile inspection, as well as large land development and infrastructure projects testing soil, concrete, asphalt, and aggregates in both a field and laboratory environment.
Email: saldous@conquest-eng.com | Cell: (902) 789-0513

Amanda Hickey, CET, Geotechnical Technologist
Amanda is a TechNova certified Geotechnical/Materials Technologist with 3 years of experience in concrete and materials testing and inspection, aggregate materials testing, soils testing, logging test pits, boreholes, and pile inspection.
Email: ahickey@conquest-eng.com | Cell: (902) 789-7254

Evan Wamboldt, Geotechnical Technologist
Evan is a Geotechnical/Materials Technologist with 3 years of experience specializing in concrete and materials testing and inspection, aggregate materials testing, and soils testing.
Email: ewamboldt@conquest-eng.com | Cell: (902) 809-7111

Corey Williams, Geotechnical Technologist
Corey is a Geotechnical/Materials Technologist with 2 years of experience specializing in concrete and materials testing and inspection, aggregate materials testing, and soils testing.
Email: cwilliams@conquest-eng.com | Cell: (902) 789-7257

Kayla Costard, Project Assistant
Kayla has worked with Conquest Engineering for 5 years as Project Assistant, supporting the engineering team with administrative tasks and being the first point of contact for our clients in Nova Scotia.
Email: kcostard@conquest-eng.com | Office: (902) 835-7313